DIY - HOMEMADE SUPER STRONG GLUE / How to make glue for wood,fabric, papers,cardboard etc...


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Hello. Here is my homemade super strong, super fast super easy glue. Im in love with the result of this glue. I found it much more cheaper, strong and quick dry glue. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------☆

I made many many things with this glue. I'm 100% sure you guys gona love it. while using it i felt much more relax about the end result of my crafts. And its transparent, once its dry you will see it, and you will not feel that it made out of flour. Give it a try and do let me know about your experience in the comment section down below.

NOTE : This recipe is more then enough, it can make one jar full. Because i use glue too much thats why this amount is enough for me.
But i prefer to use half recipe, i mean the amount written below make it half of it, because it can give bad smell if it stay long time in fridge, as it has flour. So better to use half of it.

After some months i experienced if we use Listerine one tavle spoon in it along with other ingredients, it will stay for mire long time. But because many people don't have Listerine at home most if the time so without this also you can make it with the ingredients down below.

To make this super strong glue we need:
Sugar = 300 gram
Flour = 190 gram
Listerine or any antiseptic mouthwash= 2 Tbspns.
Vinegar = 3 tablespoons
Baking soda= 2 tablespoons
Water= 1 litre room temperature

Remember do not stop stirring in the whole procedure.

You can use this glue for newspapers, fabric and to joint the cardboard pieces. I'm just in love with this.

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