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DIVERTENTI TRUCCHI COI PASTELLI Dai uno sguardo a queste idee con i pastelli per migliorare la tua creatività ed immaginazione! Questa volta ti mostro dei modi pazzeschi per riciclare vecchie e rotte matite colorate per trasformarli in qualche cosa veramente bello. Puoi costituire delle graziose candele colorate, fare dei dipinti, o del gesso a forma animale o Lego, dei meravigliosi ciondoli e stampe per le tue t shirt utilizzando carta pergamena! Iniziamo con alcuni usi inaspettati e intelligenti con i rotoli di carta igienica. Puoi usarlo come custodia per un coltello da cucina per proteggere le tue mani. Oppure puoi realizzare giocattoli e pompon di lana. Puoi anche organizzare i germogli di melanzane nel tuo giardino. Se hai bisogno di liberarti dei segni della stampella sui tuoi pantaloni, indovina cosa ti tornerà utile? ; ) Se pieghi un rotolo di carta igienica a forma di cuore puoi realizzare delle stampe usando la vernice acrilica. Oppure fare fiori colorati o simpatici gufi. Un'altra idea – un super pratico organizzatore per il trucco in cui è possibile mantenere i pennelli, mascara e altre cose. Le vecchie cose rotte meritano una seconda vita! Quindi ti consiglio vivamente di vedere questi modi geniali e brillanti per ripristinare le cose danneggiate! Se il tuo bellissimo anello d'argento inizia ad arrugginirsi, versa un po’ di Coca Cola in una padella. Fallo bollire. Quindi metti il ​​tuo anello nell'acqua bollente e lascialo lì per un paio di minuti. Segnalibri: 0:37 Decorazioni coi pastello per la t-shirt 2:39 Trucchi per il lucidalabbra 4:47 Età della pietra Iscriviti a 5 MINUTI CREATIVI: _ I nostri Social: Il Lato Positivo di YouTube:

Maya Goes to the Crazy Car Store and Pretend Toys R Us

Maya is going on a shopping spree at our pretend Toys R Us store. But first, she needs a car in order to get around. Good thing she stopped at the Crazy Car Store to pick up a Power Wheels ride on toy vehicle. That way she can test drive the car and run her errands. The silly worker Lucy isn't too happy though. All she wants to do is sell her a car. Music Credits: "A Walk with Aldi" by Hill courtesy of Soundstripe "Portlandia" Finn's Fandango courtesy of Soundstripe "Wesley Swing" Titus courtesy of Soundstripe "Waltz of the Happy Nerds" Triads courtesy of Soundstripe "4. Losing It" Triads courtesy of Soundstripe "Lavender Hill" Triads courtesy of Soundstripe "Life of the Party" Triads courtesy of Soundstripe

DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners

DIY Makeup Hacks! This makeup tutorial life hacks video shows 10 makeup hacks for beginners. Sign up to use the same amazing music as me: This is a DIY makeup tutorial for kids and teenagers, who don't have a big makeup collection but want to know how to do a fun DIY makeup transformation. These are great DIY makeup life hacks for school and for lazy people as they are so quick and easy. Let's get these beauty life hacks tested and our makeup routine transformed with this makeup tutorial for beginners, kids and teenagers. We'll learn How to DIY Makeup life hacks for girls, school and lazy people. Help me translate this DIY Life Hacks: An awesome DIY makeup life hack tested is the DIY pressed glitter eyeshadow life hack with gorgeous DIY glitter eyes! This is a great eye makeup tutorial for beginners and an amazing makeup for prom! I show how to press loose glitter or pigment to make it easy to apply. What a great makeup transformation using glitter. One of the best DIY hair hacks is definitely the eyeshadow hair dye. You can temporarily color your hair using any regular eyeshadow! This hair life hack works for every hairstyle and hair color. I love DIY life hacks that are affordable and easy. Perfect for girls, boys and teenagers. The best DIY lipstick ever is a DIY glitter lipstick from scratch using 3 ingredients, without crayons and eyeshadow. These DIY lipsticks are quick and simple to make and are perfect for a party or prom. They will add sparkle to any makeup collection. Glitter lips have been a big trend lately so this is a great makeup hack for beginners. DIY liquid eyeliner out of lipsticks! Use liquid lipsticks if you run out of an eyeliner for your makeup look. Colorful eye makeup looks are my favorite so I love this makeup tutorial hack. This is a great makeup tutorial for beginners, who don't have huge makeup collection but still want to make fun makeup transformation. Next is an epic packing and travel hack for girls and kids. Its challenging to pack beauty products into a suitcase! Make cute packages for all your makeup and beauty products out of straws. This travel life hack is so amazing and useful for girls and kids. DIY lip art – polka dot lips! You can make polka dot lips using any kind of lipstick and an eyeliner. I went for red lips and white polka dots to achieve a pin up makeup look. Definitely a makeup life hack every girl should know! DIY Tattoo! Did you know that you can make a beautiful DIY tattoo with eyeliner?! Easy to make and affordable. Draw a design on the skin with a pencil, sharpie or liquid eyeliner. Spray it with a hairspray to prevent smudging and make it more long lasting. To make metallic flash tattoos use metallic eyeliners, for the regular black one use black eyeliner. How to DIY lip gloss with a glitter to expand your makeup collection? To make our lips all sparkly we'll make a DIY glitter lip gloss. I show two versions of this amazing DIY makeup life hack. To make a transparent glitter lip gloss simply mix any glitter of your choice with a transparent lip gloss. For a tinted glitter lip gloss add a bit of eyeshadow pigment. This makeup tutorial life hack is perfect for beginners and girls that love glitter. DIY tinted lip balm! I show three different ways to add color to your transparent lip balms. First, make a DIY tinted lip balm by adding a piece of old lipstick. You can also color your DIY lip balm with eyeshadow pigment or food coloring. Tinted lip balms will make your lips soft and healthy, while adding a bit of color. Perfect makeup life hack for kids, beginners and teenagers. DIY glitter mascara! Transform transparent mascaras into black, colored or glitter mascaras. For a DIY glitter mascara simply mix in some glitter. This DIY mascara will give a pretty subtle sparkle to your eyes. These DIY makeup life hacks are perfect life hacks for girls and beginners. I've made 2 DIY makeup videos with hacks! Perfect for school and for lazy people. Since they are so simpe and easy they are great DIY Makeup life hacks for kids and for beginners as well. Hope you will try these makeup tutorial ideas :) Become my Friend & Enter Giveaways :) Instagram: Twitter: Google +: Facebook: Tumblr: Join our Nail Art G+ Community: Join our DIY G+ Community: Join our Comedy and Fun G+ Community: Check all the songs used in this DIY makeup hacks: or visit Epidemic Sound at This video is sponsored by Epidemic Sound #Makeup #Hacks #SaraBeautyCorner

Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse Season 1 Full 14 Episodes HD

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Hey guys! In today's video my sister Jordan from JustJordan33 and I will be playing the Trick or Treat Challenge in celebration of Halloween 2017! We picked random Halloween bags and opened them to reveal spooky tricks or sweet treats! Some of the items were toxic waste for the yucky and squishies for the good! If you would like to see more Countober videos, click the playlist here: __ If you want to be a #PigsFeetSquad member and receive the shout out of the week do this: Take a picture from your favorite video I posted this week and post on your personal Instagram page. Tag me @AllAroundAudrey and add #PigsFeetSquad I will be choosing one person to receive the shout out of the week. __ Subscribe for videos every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday!☆ Comment down below if you love squishies!♡ Like this video if you enjoyed! Don't forget to click the bell icon to be notified when I post a video! You can send fanmail! AllAroundAudrey P.O. Box 6792 N. Logan, Utah 84341 __ Follow Me On: Instagram- Twitter- Facebook- Pinterest- AllAroundAudrey YouNow: AllAroundAudrey Snapchat: audreysnapsit __ ♡ My Sister's Channel: ♡ My Brothers' Channel: ♡ Our Family Channel: ♡ Check Out My Previous Video: ♡ For Business Inquiries: [email protected] __ Music Credits: "Exit the Premises" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License __ Thanks for Watching! XOXO, Audrey

Top YouTube DIY crafts to do when bored! In this DIY Summer life hacks video I show best YouTube DIY ideas and simple life hacks perfect for girls, kids, teenagers and beginners. Wondering what to do when bored? These easy Youtube 5 minute crafts with projects for DIY room décor, DIY clothes and clothing hacks, DIY makeup (DIY crayon lipstick), DIY nail art, DIY experiment to do at home and many more will make your DIY summer amazing!

Help me translate this DIY Crafts video:

DIY Room décor! Who doesn't like beautiful summer room decorations, right? DIY jar aquarium is a 5 minute craft to decorate your room! It is simple and easy to make but makes any room makeover complete. Another DIY room decorating idea for teenagers and a great summer life hack is a sunglasses organizer made from a clothes hanger. It's a perfect DIY room décor for small room and smart simple life hack for keeping your room organized. Or you can recycle cork stoppers and make cool sail boats using only 3 household items. Amazing DIY toy or room decorating idea. Now you can proudly invite your friends on a room tour!

DIY Clothes and Clothing Life Hacks! In this DIY summer life hacks video I show you a couple of DIY clothes from old clothes ideas. I make beautiful DIY shorts from old jeans using bleach and colorful fabric markers. Cute DIY shorts are a great 5 minute craft to make when bored this summer! Another one of amazing DIY projects are DIY sunglasses made from nail polish. Using water marble technique you can transform your boring sunglasses into gorgeous new pair. These DIY clothes life hacks for girls are a total must try.

DIY Makeup - DIY crayon lip balm! I show you how to make a gorgeous DIY lip balm or DIY lipstick using crayons and in a shape of a watermelon! Oh and it's an EOS! So, a watermelon DIY crayon tinted lip balm EOS. Sounds complicated but it's actually very simple. One of the best DIY makeup life hacks for girls. This DIY crayon lipstick is inspired by Aira Tran.

DIY Experiments to do at home! Probably the best DIY idea ever are DIY helium balloons without helium. All you need to make them is drain cleaner solution and some aluminum foil. Yes, you can make epic DIY helium balloons using only household items, priceles.

DIY nail art! I show you how to make the most stunning beach nails, inspired by Janelle Estep. We start by making gradient nail design and opaque glitter nails. You will also learn some great nail hacks and nail art life hacks for beginners. Finish your manicure with a water spotted marbling technique to make a perfect summer nail art.

I hope you find these Youtube DIY crafts helpful and will try them out during the summer!

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